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Plant-Based Vegan
Thai fusion
Thai Town, Los Angeles

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Our Story

Salaya is the first all plant-based vegan restaurant in Hollywood’s Thai Town Los Feliz district. It’s owned and run by two women with extensive restaurant experience who obsess over quality.

Salaya (pronounced “sah-lah-yah”) means “healing medicine pavilion” and is the name of a district in Thailand near the city of Bangkok with a famous Buddhist park and a pavilion of the same name. The Salaya Pavilion contains textbooks about traditional Thai medicine and a convalescent facility.

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No meat. No fish. No Dairy.

Eco friendly. Vegan with love.



Tasty and satisfying with fresh and healthy vegetables, fruits, plant-based mock meats, and homemade vegan sauces and vegan cheeses. Everyone should find something they like on the large menu with a wide selection of authentically traditional and flavorful Thai and creatively prepared and pleasing international fusion plant-based cuisine … even meat eaters.

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